Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Momma is always right ! !

Your mother is always right, (My Mom is laughing right now) when she told you to always wear clean panties!!??!! Why you ask.. Okay I'll tell ya, At 2:15pm this afternoon I was taken to the emergency room.. Yes Yes, I'm okay. I had a small minor glitch from my Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication.. I found myself not being able to breath correctly this afternoon, due to a gas bubble the size of a cantaloupe pressing against my lung and forcing me to fight for every breath! Freaked me out a bit...The doctor wanted me to "Burp" something that people with the Nissen just can't do!! Here were my choices..A hose down my nose to my stomach or some kind Mack Daddy Mylanta drug,
Not to hard to figure out which one I picked..

I tell you that story to tell you this one...

It was 8 weeks ago yesterday since my Nissen surgery,, I am HAPPY to report that my "Purple Pills" are collecting dust, & I've had ZERO Heartburn.. Happy Happy Joy Joy

I digress, Last night I was showing off the scars to the Better Half, When, in his infinite wisdom he pulled out a Sharpie permanent marker and began to connect the dots (aka scars) He drew a chicken.. IN RED~!

As the picture shows, that permanent marker is not so permanent, above are my 600 thread count sheets I woke up to this morning..

Well, I did my best to wash my chicken off..AND the chicken was still there!! ARGH, I didn't have alot of time this morning as it was 0445 ...so I threw on my clean undies & off to work I went, Can you guess where the rest of the chicken ended up? ON MY PANTIES! Here I sit in the emergency room trying to force air into my lungs, in pain, scared & here sits the emergency room doctor trying not to let me see the tears in his eyes from laughter!

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Blondie said...

This is JUST precious!! You are 'sposed to keep magic markers away from kids!! And, Yack is a big KID!

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