Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Better late than never....

I clicked & clicked my Combat Boots together & said "There's no place like home, there's no place like home",, Pooooooooooooooffffffffffffff .....17 days later .... here I am "Home"....

I was so happy to arrive last night, late, but HOME!

I slept in my bed, with my sheets, snuggled up to The Better Half on my left & our fuzzy 4 legged creature on my right, I am home!

I am an ANCOC Graduate!!

Thank You, Thank You...

To those of you who are Military,, you understand, To you all civilians, It's like receiving a degree, after years and years of studying. . . . It's like crossing a finish line!!

I took pictures of my cell ~ I mean Barracks ~ they were accidentally deleted...I had a basic trainee tell me a few weeks ago "Being in Basic Training ..was like being in prison", I asked her .."Have you been in prison?".. "NO" She said: Then how would she know..?!!?!!?!!

That got me to thinking, One of my classmates is a prison guard, I came into class one day and asked him,, "Do prisoners have more bennies than we do here @ Fort Devens?"... He let out a hardy belly laugh & he said, "Yes, they do".. I'm not complaining mind you... (Okay, I am...) You just don't know what you miss, till you don't have it,,, No Television, No Internet, No Phone (thanks Sprint), No Private bathrooms, lumpy bumpy mattress, 100 thread count sheets, fuzzy green wool blankie, no coffee pot, & mess hall food & No Blogger. It is what it is!! The class rooms were top notch and I excelled in class 94.87 GPA, What else was there to do? You had to study, the sun set @ 4:30pm and around 8pm.. you were thinking, well I might as well go to bed!

My calender is busy busy, for the next 2 weeks.... Keep lookin for Updates!

  • My Bifolcals
  • Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (6 Months & Going)
  • Unpack, Laundry, Pack, Unpack, Laundry & Pack
  • DFW/Wedding
  • Meeting the Son's new Girlfriend!!

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