Sunday, December 28, 2008


Two hours & 15 minutes is what it was supposed to take to fly from DFW to CAE this evening, 9 hours later..Here we are!
I'm not complaining, Seriously I'm not.. I"M NOT!,,,,
I have nothing to complain about..We just flew 18, 535 miles or 28, 829 kms, With - 0 - glitches. Well until today....Starting in CAE ~ ATL ~ BNA ~ LAX ~ BNE ~ SYD ~ Cruise ~ AKL ~ LAX ~ SAN ~ DFW ____ to wait a minute.. Here is where the story begins..
After boarding for our 2:15 minute flight, on the very last leg of our holiday extravaganza..We zipped away from our gate, got in line, 30 mile per hour cross winds had closed 3 of the 5 runways here at DFW, number 33 for departure, not so bad, Hey, we're not 34, this only delayed us a smidge... I'm glad I packed a teeny tiny bag of popcorn as a snack for our short flight....

30 minutes prior to landing in CAE: Click goes the PA.."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Folks, This is your Captain, speaking...." This is never a good sign, ... The sweetest words you can ever hear from a Captain other than, "I'll pick up the tab" are "Flight Attendants, Prepare for landing"
Captain: "Columbia Airport has been closed due to fog....We will be landing in Charleston, SC" "No, Jacksonville, FL" "No, Savannah, GA".. Okay, Savannah it is!!
I pulled out that cell phone lickity split, called all the rental car agencies, NO CARS in the entire city.. Whaaa?? I called Holiday Inn, ..Okay we have a room on hold...
Pilots clicks on "Ahhhhhhhh, Folks...yadda yadda...Our flight is cancelled, or at least the crew is:, We are going to bus you to CAE" What, No Buses???

The taxi dropped us off at 2313 after driving us the last 3 hours ... Not bad for a 2 hour & 15 minute flight....

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GirlonTour said...

OMG I feel your pain...but you sounded so upbeat after it all, I guess we are the most prepared for these kinda things...however did you other half react? Happy New Year for 2009!


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