Saturday, December 6, 2008

G'Day Mates!

Good Morning, I giggle, when I say this ...because in my time it is Happy Hour yesterday somewhere, It's 5pm... We are just waking up & enjoying our coffee in the Executive Lounge here at the Marriott @ Circuliar Quay, We are on the 30th floor,,, It is a spectaculiar view... within our eye shot we have the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Celebrity Millenium cruise ship (we board today) & The historic Sydney Harbour Bridge.... This is the reason for todays blog,,,,

The bridge in the picture shown above is the one we climbed yesterday.. ALL 1,437 steps to the top of that bridge yesterday,,,


Was it scary??? Okay I'll tell ya the truth... We've bonded right?

Not one little bit... Now, I thought I'd be a bit freaked out,,, I mean, you are climbing ON TOP of that bridge, where paid professionals risked their lifes building it,,,and 16 of them died during the construction.

The bridge was started in 1923 & completed in March of 1932 ..My daddy was one month old,,,

An interesting fact about this bridge,
The Pylons on this bridge are strictly for decoration only, They do nothing to hold up this massave amount of steel. The reason they could justify the cost of putting up the pylons in the days of the depression was "Safety"...

Did it make it safer NO, they said it would make people feel safer on it.....

Yet, another stupid fact about the bridge: Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee was once a painter on this bridge!

Note to: It was Lita's day off,, The staff did send her an email with a Hello from you!

Note to: Traytable, we have not tried a VB beer yet,,but we will now just for you!

Okay Mates: It is time for us to pack and board our ship...Doubt I will be blogging as internet on the ship is like one gillion cents per minute & I'm rather cheap!! -Laters!!

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GirlonTour said...

Yay! I forgot to email you back...Lita would know GirlonTour haha, I make her read my blog every so often LOL.

Am glad you have made it there safe and sound and already it appears you have hit the ground running! Can't wait to hear more adventures!!


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