Thursday, December 18, 2008

What time is it, anyway???

For the past 12 days if someone had asked me “What day it is?”
I would not have been able to answer them… Yet, we’ve never missed a shore excursion, or a port.. We don’t have a clock in our room & yet we have never missed a meal.
Somehow you always know where to be & when it is feeding time…

For those of you who don’t cruise because you say to yourself, What is there to do on a ship anyway? I’ll be bored… This is a snip it of what we did today….

Woke up to room service, morning brainteaser, have some coffee, Opal & Fresh water pearl sale, Time for a cookie, Line dancing class, time for the buffet, Poolside we order a nice beverage, Hmm, time to make a decision? Movie? Poker? Gym? Art Auction? Ice Carving Demo? Eat?
I decide to go to Name that tune…. TBH is listening to a lecture, Sometimes you just have to split
up…to take in all the goodies…
Tour of the navigational bridge, Can I drive the ship? I thought the steering wheel would of been bigger....
At 2:30 we have to meet up for “Battle of the sexes” the Final Round ( I don’t want to talk about the score) Bingo? Acupuncture seminar? Time to rush to our room so we don’t miss John our Butler and our Hor’dorves & Sweets. . back out for the steam room/spa.. Wanna do a movie? NO, we don’t have time, we have to get ready for dinner,,

Where did our time go????

Come on honey, It’s time for dinner….Don’t forget the chocolate extravaganza tonight…
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