Saturday, December 20, 2008

Planes, Trains, Automobiles &. . . . . . ???

I got to thinking,,,, Just how many modes of transportation does one actually take on a normal vacation,,, So I started adding them up,,,, Here are just a few: After the Taxi dropped us off at the airport, we went on a plethora of planes...
Started with the "Planes".. RJ, 737, 747 & 757...
The Rent-A-Car didn't work out: Always get the insurance.
Okay, We skipped the Greyhound Bus,,,,
World War II ,, Amphibious Duck
A Cable Car in Wellington, New Zealand
Doesn't everyone go on a Haagland on holiday?
A 100 year old Steamship TSS Ensclaw
Oh yeah, The Ship!!
Modern Rickshaw..."yeah buddy"
A Monorail
Steam Train
Okay, so it's not a Greyhound, but we rode on it...
A Gondola..
The Luge
I didn't add the Ski Lift or the LPC (Leather Personal Carriers) aka: Shoes....
We're not even home yet,,,, I want to add, Hot Air Balloon, Kayak, & The Zorb!!!!!
Our cruise will officially be over in 5 hours, Then off to find another taxi & the double decker city tour bus to show us the sights of Auckland, NZ,,,,,

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Traytable said...

You did the Zorb???? I've always wanted to do that, how cool!

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