Saturday, March 6, 2010

Folder? Roller? No, I Bundle!

There are literally thousands upon thousands of Blogs & Articles out there on:

"What's the best way to pack"

I do know that folks use Google & Bing to search for "Flight Attendant Packing Tips" I thought I'd share how I packed for this trip, I will be gone over 25 days & I'm packing in 1 Rollerboard, & one here we go! Keep in mind I am not an expert on packing, I just use what works for me!

I use the "Bundle" Method: This works particuarlly well when you are traveling for long haul, not if you have to get in the bag "Daily"... I love to Bundle when packing for a Cruise, It does help to reduce wrinkles!
1st you start off filling in the bottom between the brackets in the bottom of the suitcase!
Then with your rollerboard open, start draping your clothing out all 4 sides of the suitcase, I have found it works easier if you start with your pants on the bottom.
I know this looks like a Hot Mess, but keep stacking your items alternating each side of the suitcase, Spreading all arms on your shirts out.
Once you get all of your clothing laidout, You begin to "Bundle" your clothing in saving the pant legs for last. . . Fold in your front side, Then the top, Spreading out your clothing to reduce wrinkles.
Now that you have 2 sides left to fold in, This is where you Pull & Tuck, To have everything tight & snug.. Spread everything smooth between Folds!
Everything in, Nice & Tidy!
Now, this is where you use every Nook & Cranny to stuff all of your other goodies..
One of my favorite things to take along on a trip is an additional suitcase, See the small red bag, that is actually a 20 inch duffle bag for any goodies I may purchase along the way! & The Black thing you can bearly make out is for the Laptop, I won this little gadget from @Boingo during one of their latest contests, So SHOUT OUT to Boingo!! (Thank You)
I still have my Tote filled with other essentials, Like my Ziploc bag filled with my 3 ounce items I can't live without! My Lipgloss, My Laptop, My Mastercard & I always ALWAYS travel with an empty waterbottle, (Fill this up, Once inside security) So you always have something to drink during your flight!
So now, I've added 2 more pair of shoes, Makeup, All the wires & charges for various goodies (Camera, International Phone, Laptop & my Travel Flat Iron) I hope if you Googled or Binged this & came to my Blog there is some useful information here, If you ever have any questions at all,,,,Please do not hesitate to ask me at

Safe Travels!


Baochi said...

Thanks so much for the Boingo shout out. You're one of our favorite fans :) Thanks for the great conversation and for playing our contests.

Baochi Nguyen
Boingo Wireless

UpUpnAAway said...


Oh My Gosh!,,, You read my Blog!, I'm so Flattered!,,,
I can't wait to use my laptop stand for this trip~,,,

Be good while I'm gone!,


Oussama said...

Very interesting way to pack, what the heck it works I suppose and that is all that matters, enjoy your trip

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