Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tourist Trap or Fun...?

One of the things on my "To-Do" list was the Desert Safari in Dubai.
Check: Done it . . However, Would I suggest it to others? NO!
Sorry Dubai, Ya'll got greedy on this one. .
It's the biggest Tourist Trap I've ever been to & I've been to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

You pay 170.00 Dirhams (50.00 US) for this trip, I'm not saying it wasn't an absolute hoot screaming through the desert sand at sunset, I will tell you if you have Back, Neck or Body ailments this trip is not for you, You are bounced around so hard I ended up with a cut on my head.

Everything is Included: Oh, Don't believe this for a second!
Your 50.00 dollars are supposed to include: Henna Panting, Local Dress-Up, Camel Rides, SandDune Skiing, Shisha, Unlimited Sodas (not) Dinner & an Amazing Show! Sure, These items were available but everyone of these vendors had their hand out for a tip, (more like a beggars convention)

We actually arrived late, because of our driver & the one thing my Husband wanted to do was Sand Ski, I wonder how much that free activity was? Did we? Nope! We were ushered to another location so they could take pictures! Which they try to sell you during the show~

The drive back scared me more than driving in New York City after filling an SUV with purses from Canal Street! We nearly crashed twice, We were bouncing around like CrashCar Dummies. We were quickly shoved into our vehicle & the driver took off before we could even put on our seat belt's. We asked the driver to stop so we could SNAP, But somehow our driver forget the English language during our stay.
So you think, I'll just book a different vendor? I'll help you with this, They ALL end up in the same location!! I'm glad we did it, The desert at sunset in Dubai was Amazing!

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Oussama said...

A desert safari is something you do once. I did it twice, the second time was well for want of a better word, blaaah. The first time the kids loved it and we had a great driver he tooks around the sand dunes 4 times with the last one being outside the normal touristy track.

I agree, a lot of Dubai can be tourist traps, nevertheless the place is worth a few visits.

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