Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Open, Closed, Open, Closed. . . Burj Khalifa!

We did have an exciting day riding the Dubai Metro & viewing the Worlds Tallest building from afar..
22.00 Dirhams (Approx 3.00 per person) We played all day on the Metro, If you are not familiar with Dubai, The traffic here is a nightmare ,,, The Metro is a delight, very easy to navigate & very affordable.
Union Station!, I Guess every Metro has one!!
To date there are Two lines open, The Red Line & Green line, It's very easy to take the Red Line from Terminal 1 & 3 from the Dubai International Airport to Downtown!

Hopefully, you will have better luck in finding the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa open... Maybe our next trip!

The "Closed" Observation Deck is where The Better Half is pointing....

The buildings to the left are "Normal" sized high rises... The Burj is 160 stories tall.
View from "Dubai Mall"
You must stay for the Water Fountain show at the Dubai Mall, It's worth the wait!


USMCWIFE said...

Wow now I really want to go there...awesome.

Brit said...

OHHHH! i love the last picture! yayyy! it's so gorgeous!

Blondie said...

Looks like fun!!

Oussama said...

So you beat me to the Metro and I actually leave there. I am glad you had fun. When will we see the pics of the aquarium.
Enjoy part II of your holidays

Anonymous said...

This video shows what the Burj Khalifa looked like the day before it closed - there was broken glass!

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