Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After the Nap.... Zurich Teil Zwei

We lace up the boots & off to see "Old Town" & We begin our slide down the sidewalks on the frozen patches, This was entertaining as Sherri was walking at warp speed, While silly ole me was trying to see the city & take a few pictures!,,,

Sherri slowed down long enough for us to snap a few pics...
When we left the hotel, The sun was actually out, we had plans to take the train to Lucern, Switzerland, This is when Cecelia (Crew Member) & All around great gal informed us, "there was a storm a brewing",, Cecelia advised us not to go. Okay Plan B
We decided to follow the river & walk to Lake Zurich...

About 30 minutes into our walk, the "Snow Flurries" began,,, Sherri & I were so excited... Until

The Snow came pouring down, Now you have to understand something here,,,
Sherri & I are Southern Gals, we are not accustom to snow, It is a novelty to us!!
Have you ever had snow accumulate on your eyelashes?? Seriously,,,
Zurich is a lovely city, considering this was such a short trip, I'll have to return
bringing the Better Half with me next time!!

I love any country that boost Cheese, Wine & CHOCOLATE!!!

We head back to the hotel to meet the crew for Dinner.. Of course we walk into the lobby looked like frozen, cold, wet, tourist,,,, Asking the crew "DID YOU SEE THAT SNOW",,
While they were all toasty & warm in their rooms,,,
Time for some Swiss Wine & some knockwurst !

You see the Gentleman behind us? He was our Comic relief while we were at the local pub
he kept speaking to himself the entire time, Not just any talk, He spoke like the Cajun Coach in the movie "WaterBoy" & In German no less, it was Hysterical!
I love that Zurich allows their pets to hang out with their Masters, This fellow left the house carrying his favorite toy, I'm guessing as was walking the sidewalks carrying his Rubber Chicken! Zurich is just as pretty at night, I just don't have a good camera! Sorry Ya'll!

I decided to take my airline home, since they had way more seats, So up at 0500 to get to take the train to the Airport! As you can see, Not a lot of folks rushing to get to the airport at this hour, I wished the sun had been out, it looked like a great ride.

This was my last view of Zurich out the window right before take off. To my new Crew Friends, If you are reading this: You guys ROCK.. Thank you for sharing your layover with me & Thanks for the great trip over, I'm sorry I didn't go back with you, I missed ya'll too!!! Meg you are the bestest Purser & Phillip, you are my new best friend!!


Olivia aka Liv

Zurich is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, I have never been and now this makes me want to go there!

Brit said...

so so so prettty!

Laurie said...

Hi there....I found your blog after listening to Bobby and Sarah's podcast. I love reading about your journey and all of your adventures. Hope you don't mind if I "follow" :)
-Laurie, in New York

UpUpnAAway said...

Laurie, I'm delighted you are following my Blog!
I hope you enjoy my "Ramblings",,,

Looks like you actually travel more than I do!

I depart for 6 March for Dubai,,, Should be Interesting!

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