Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Starbucks or Zurich, Switzerland??

So. . . . . . . . I get an email on Wednesday, All the Subject line said was:


I quickly open the email because it is from a friend of mine, Inside it said
"Wanna go to Zurich, Friday?"

Well, Sure I want to go to Zurich! ~ Why?? I've never been there before!, I get another Passport Stamp & I get to meet Sherri (@Flyingdesigner ). I met Sherri on Twitter, She's a Flight Attendant at another airline & when she started chatting up her Amsterdam layovers I had to know more. Amsterdam is Numero Uno on my "To Do" list. Sherri being a good Flight Attendant did what any good Flight Attendant would do when talking about a great layover, Sherri said "Pack your bag, Come & go with me" & we tried about three times to make the Amsterdam trip a reality, to no avail! When this email came to the inbox I was delighted. The stars & moon & non-rev Gods had all alined, to make this trip a GO FOR LAUNCH!...

Why is this Blog Worthy? In this day & age of Facebook, My Space & Twitter.... Friends are finding one another all over this world . . . . & end up asking the same question?

"Where do you want to Meet?"

So, where does one meet? Starbucks? A Bar? In a Park walking their dog?
NOT IF You are a Flight Attendant!~
Sherri & I had never actually met in person before this trip!
Now if you are a Flight Attendant or Crew Member or even an Airline Employee,,, You can relate to this story... Or so we thought,,,

We're all outside the gate waiting for the plane, I get to meet her Crew for the 1st time, We're all chatting,,, & We get the "How do ya'll know each other?",,

We met on Twitter,,,

Insert Deer in the headlights here______________________!!!

The next 15 minutes were filled with "Let's play 20 Questions"
From: What's Twitter? What do you mean ya'll have never met?

We arrive, Get to our rooms, Where I am informed to drop my bags,
We are meeting in the lobby in 15 minutes,,,
I ask Sherri, "Where are we headed?" I'm thinking breakfast or something
in that line, because it is 9am & her crew had been working so hard for the
past 9 hours!! Oh Noooo,, We are headed down the street to the best
Grocery Store in downtown Zurich!!! COOP What a great Store!!,
You have to love any store that dedicates an Entire Row to Swiss Chocolate!!
I got lots of goodies & thank goodness I could not bring back any liquids back in to the United States or I would of purchased way to much!
I'm not sure where or why the fascination came with going to the grocery store & Flight Attendants,,, but I love it!

Back at the hotel, time for a quick nap, we are meeting the crew
for dinner at 6pm & we must do a bit of walking around the old town prior to that!

Did you know the Swiss had Wine too? I love this Country!

Tomorrow: A quick day in Zurich!


Brajit said...

You and I should go to AMS...I at least speak German and can get around there too!

UpUpnAAway said...

Yeah,, I could use your help!,, lol,,,

All I know how to say is:

o I love you
o One more beer please
o No Onions!

We'd have to much fun in the grocery store!

Brit said...

I've decided. All three of us will go. I'll be the tour guide! It's my favorite city!!!

UpUpnAAway said...

It's a DEAL!, Let's GO!

Anonymous said...

Being the good friend I am, I sent you this picture even though my teenage terrorist said "Ewww Mom, WRINKLES" let me fix it for you. Delete. But you are beautiful in this shot so.... You owe me!!!!

UpUpnAAway said...

Dear Ms Anonymous:,,,,

I think you look GREAT in this picture!!!

Tomorrow will be the SNOW Pictures!!

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