Sunday, February 14, 2010

To Fly or Not to Fly...That is the Question

On Twitter today I get asked from a Fellow Flight Attendant: @kristie777

@FlyAArmy how long u been flying? if you knew now about the job when u started would u still do it

This is a Great Question!

I've been flying since March 2001:

I've been furloughed twice
I've been relocated three times
I've gone to our regionals during furlough & returned to main line
Lost 17% of my Pay
Lost vacation time
Lost sick leave
Lost our crew meal
Lost a portion of our uniform allowance
Threat of yet another furlough in my future
And, I may or may not have a retirement

With that being said, The airlines have no issues getting applicants for Flight Attendant positions any time they post an opening,, I guessing here, but I'd have to say there are at least 25 applicants for every 1 position! (That's probably an understatement) There are still folks out there that think being a Flight Attendant is a Glamorous job, I know I'm still an infant in the time frame of being a Flight Attendant but I even know there is Zero Glamour! Yet, we do create out own FUN!

As Flight Attendants we are asked to Smile, Be Polite, Have good Customer Service skills, be able to work a minimum of a 12 hour day, Move a 250 pound cart with ease, and now since 9/11 we are asked to do all of the above all while guarding the Cockpit door & scanning our cabin for possible terrorists!

I don't want to turn this into a Bitch session about what my job has become, the question was, would I do this job now: My Answer is still a renown "YES I WOULD!"
Thing about it is, I can't possibly think of another job that has this much flexibility!
I could never do 9 to 5 behind a desk, I applaud those that do, I just couldn't do it!
Those that fly have a "reason",,, Or they wouldn't do it. You really have to appreciate this job in order to do it. It requires so much more than you think it possibly could. From: Relocating, to time away from your family & loved ones, missed Holidays, Birthdays, Appointments, lack of not having normal interval eating schedule & Sleeping in your own bed, just to name a few.

Why do I do it: I love the TRAVEL! I love love love my flight bennies!
I actually know Flight Attendants who refuse to get in a plane on their days off & when their vacation rolls around they want to drive,,, Really? Why?,,,

Okay, Kristie I hope I answered your question! I would still apply, I'd still fly, I'd still want to be a Flight Attendant!


Oussama said...

When I used to give Quality Awareness Briefing to the cabin crew, I used to discuss how motivated they were. Something they always thought was so far from the truth with all the whining and complaining they did. But then I have never met someone in aviation who did not whine and complain ! Back to motivation my take was to spend 12 hours pacing an aircraft, going to some awful destination and still be nice to people you must be either very motivated or a great fool, and I know cabin crews are no fools, they are dedicated professionals, more than most of us realize.
So yes I can understand why Kristie will want to be an FA and do it over and over again

UpUpnAAway said...

You always leave the best comments!,,,

& Yes you are correct, Sometimes that smile is "Fake" but I honestly do care!,,, Sometimes with a 12 hour day & no meal, I get grouchy,,,

So much has changed over the years, I miss the good ole days sometimes, When I could offer you a blanket instead of having to Sell you one!

BTW, I'll be landing 7 March!!

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