Monday, February 1, 2010

Can I Sell you sumteeng meeester??

Well, It's Monday & you know what that means,,, Below is the latest installment of Humor from Afghanistan from The Better Half... Take it away Jack!

The only rude Afghan I have ever met was one of their government ministers....I believe this guy was the Minister of Something Important...I'm sure he is knee deep in the goat swapping trade, this Head Goat Herder is extremely rude..arrogant..and way to impressed with his own inflated importance.....with that said...all other Afghans I've met are extremely polite, soft-spoken, courteous, generous... and they trying to make a buck like the rest of us..

These entrepreneurs come to the embassy wanting to see whoever can get them a contract for whatever they are selling...from whidgets to wheelbarrows...and they come in their finest threads......this is where it gets interesting...

you see...the Afghans seem to be stuck in a fashion time warp....somewhere between “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever” favorite are the mens' seems that shiny is I'm not talking satin shiny...I'm talking Reynolds Wrap or Airstream shiny...literally...the sun reflects light off these suits...and the color doesnt seem to be an pink!!

The best part is by far the sweater vest which they must possess to complete the ensemble......I have come to the conclusion that the color...pattern or material is secondary to just having a favorite has been a dark pin strip shiny and white polka dotted tie with a white plaid sweater was a feast for the eyes...two things could have happened...I could let him in ...or...I could have played checkers on his chest...

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a place close to our compound where a local tailor can also make me a special shiny suit....and understand..only the finest synthetic materials not found in nature are to be used....and the turn around time is only 24 I'm thinking........thinking the green found on a tree leaf...oh noooo.....more like the green found on a 1978 Lincoln Mark V....oh yeah that's pimpin!! for the shoes....I'm thinking Yak...

From the front...signing off...

Next Monday: Crammmed Buuuf

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Brajit said...

Jack, you are KILLING me with your anecdotes about live in Afghanistan! I can totally see you wearing a shiny green suit with your best Curly Joe face on through the compound!


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